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Glenn Coulson for Business Champion, when he admitted to fraud and is banned from doing his business of securities?


Glenn Coulson

Glenn Coulson has made the short list of nominees for the 2018 City of Barrie Arts Awards, which are due to be presented this November 21. The problem is, he is nominated for Business Champion, while he was already charged with fraud four years ago, and has since admitted to being guilty of one count, of fraud. The other charges were withdrawn. He is banned from doing business from October 16, 2018 to at least December 16 of 2018, when he can apply to be registered, again. The Ontario Securities Commission posted their decision at their website, which is available by clicking here.

Glenn already worked for the City of Barrie with their Department of Culture as a contractor and received a City arts grant while working there. The policy of the City was then changed, not to allow City employees and contractors to apply for City arts grants. The next year, Glenn's business partner, Marty Beecroft, and their mutually managed act, Amy Rose, both received City arts grants. The personal arts grants program was then terminated by Barrie City Council, because the Department of Culture would not get rid of it, themselves. Not long after that, the Director of Culture, Quammie Williams, was fired.

The one to blame here is Glenn, not the City of Barrie. It is not a question of whether or not Glenn did know, or ought to have known, he simply knew that he was in legal business trouble, had pleaded guilty to fraud and that he was banned from doing business while he was nominated for, and may win, an award for Business Champion. He was banned on the 16th of October and the City awards nominations closed on the 29th of October. Glenn has not provided disclosure to the City and the jury which is independent of the City has shortlisted Glenn and he could win and be awarded Business Champion while he is banned from doing his business by the Ontario Securities Commission until at least December 16, 2018.

Glenn's official website at which he posted his portfolio is now a dangerous malware website, and I cannot even post the address without getting into trouble myself. As late as August 5 of this year, Glenn was using it for his portfolio, and that can be verified with the Web Archive by clicking here.

The name of the Glenn website can be spelled. It is: coulson music dot com

Why is it blank, now? Why is it listed as a dangerous address?

Glenn also worked for the now bankrupt MADY corporation and was its local mouthpiece while the business was sinking and projects not being completed:

"We are still in the process of finalizing our financing package and will likely have a formal announcement by mid-month,” spokesperson Glenn Coulson said. The story is here.

The head of that corporation, Charles Mady, also broke his promises to pay money to the City for the naming rights of what was called for years, The Mady Centre.

And now, this same Glenn Coulson is about to be awarded as the City of Barrie's Business Champion?

Due to the lead time required for any awards presentation, Glenn could already have been chosen to receive Business Champion while nobody at the City or their third-party jury would have known what Glenn is hiding from them. Like Patrick Brown coming to Brampton for some fast and easy public relations, Glenn is coming to Barrie and its Arts Awards to get a fast and easy public relations boost. What needs to happen, for his failure to disclose pleading guilty to fraud and being banned from doing business at this time, and not waiting for another year, at least, is that if he has been chosen as Business Champion, the programs for the presentation should be destroyed and another nominee chosen before the awards are presented on the 21st of this month.

-Darren Roskam, CROWE, November 8, 2018

Update for November 30, 2018:

Glenn Coulson was given The City of Barrie's Business Champion Arts Award while he was banned from dealing in securities, banned from doing business

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